the vision

Whether you are a professional model looking to expand your portfolio, or simply looking to treat yourself to a new experience and breed some self confidence, a modelling session is a fun exploration of creativity and self-discovery! Whether in a location of your choosing, or in a studio environment (notice and location permitting), book in today for your own personal portrait session.

Band Promos

the sound

Anyone who knows me personally knows that one of my great passions in life is music. I love working with bands, discussing how their sound can be translated to imagery and want to work to create the best possible promo materials for your art. Whether on location or in studio, band promo sessions will include idea generation, location scouting, and even artwork imagination for your latest release. Check out some of the examples below and get in touch today!

Wrestling Promos

the character

Professional wrestling is often a misunderstood art form. Quickly dismissed as fake by the combat sports crowd, it's a style of theatre that allows anything and everything to be possible at the same time. Largely, this is down to the larger than life personas that step between the ropes and if you are such a character, having a set of curated images to promote yourself is vital to standing out from the crowd! In my experience both in ring (no I'm not giving up my character name, thank you very much!) and behind the camera, I've been able to work with some of the industry's brightest young talent, and some of its legacy names in the UK. Check out the gallery below and contact me today to arrange a specially curated session!